National World War II Museum

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The National WWII Museum now hosts more than 25 interactive exhibits designed by my agency, Unified Field. The Dog Tag Experience unites them all and provides visitors a way to personalize their visit and continue exploring the museum's stories at home.

Each visitor to the NWWII Museum is issued a plastic dog tag with an embedded RFID chip. By touching this tag to interactives in the museum they can follow an individual service member's story throughout their visit and save videos, photos and artifacts to view from home on the Dog Tag Experience website.

The interactive kiosks, touch tables, and projections feature oral histories, 3D models, artifacts, 360-degree views, and animated maps detailing battle movements that bring the facts and figures to life in an personalized and immersive way.

As a developer on this project, I redesigned and programmed the mobile compatible Dog Tag Experience website, reworking the information architecture and layout to be mobile friendly while still querying the database and serving up the same content as the desktop site.

As a designer, I worked with the historian and scriptwriter to design and animate the artwork for interactive animated maps detailing the movements of battles ranging from the Guadalcanal Campaign to the Battle of the Bulge.

Additionally, throughout the project I managed the database and file structure of the raw assets and web/kiosk ready versions of the images, videos, and audio files. I communicated with the museum representatives and historians maintaining our collection of hundreds of assets and updating, replacing, photoshopping, and formatting them to be presentation ready.


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