JetBlue Junior's Lounge

UX design  |  games  |  physical installation  |  kids  |  education

Kennedy Airport's Terminal 5 is now home to JetBlue's children's playroom - the nation's premier "sky lounge" for kids. It's a fun, interactive place where children of all ages can play and learn while they wait for their flights.

Activities include a flight simulator game, copilot's announcement intercom, touch screen "windows" to explore JetBlue destinations, and two augmented reality viewers overlooking the tarmac that allow children to explore the history of flight.

My agency, Unified Field, was responsible for all the digital components of the lounge. My roles on this project included: ideation and experience design, wireframing, storyboarding, interface design, visual design, and graphics production.

Flight machines throughout time which I researched and illustrated for the augmented reality piece.


Unified Field


Quincy Bock, Stephanie Sassine and Jun Chen


Lee H. Skolnick Architecture + Design Partnership