Interactive Scientific Holiday Cards

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These are interactive Holiday Cards I made for the USA Science and Engineering Festival in 2013, 2016 and 2017.

With the interactive sledder below, you can change the physics of the world in various ways to see how the sledder's movement is affected. I wrote the code in Processing and converted it to JavaScript for the web. I encoded the physics from scratch without a physics library.

Click here to see the card on the USASEF site.

See code
interactive sledding e-card

In the game below, you can combine different holiday items to find fun, science based seasonal experiments to do at home.

There are seven correct combinations:
Tree + Fire
Poinsettia + Lemon
Pinecone + Fire
Window + Epsom Salts
Present + Shaving Cream
Chocolate + Fire
Snowflake + Borax

In the interaction below, you can draw an aurora borealis with your mouse movement and click on the stars for winter science facts.

All of these e-cards were shared on facebook and through the festival's newsletter and website.

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