Power Play

experience design  |  physical installation

Power Play is an interactive exhibit built for The Fleet Science Center and San Diego Gas & Electric. Designed by Unified Field, this exhibit challenges visitors try to keep the power grid in balance while maximizing the use of renewable energy sources. The wall-mounted graphics, buttons, LED strips and screens show how the power grid works.

Homes, offices, schools, hotels, businesses and the military demand power while hydro-electric, wind, solar, natural gas and coal meet the need for power. Visitors at either end of the wall play as consumers or generators trying to balance the push-pull between demand and clean energy generation -- and to avoid a blackout!

While at Unified Field, I worked on the experience design of this project from the very beginning, drafting proposals, diagrams and specs to coordinate with the architectural firm, SDG&E and the Fleet museum. I later specified these ideas into wireframes supported by research about the Smart Grid, energy demand and energy sources.


Unified Field


Quincy Bock


Jun Chen and Stephanie Sassine


Jeff Miller